Butler Robot

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could have a butler, and not pay it? Now you can (if you’re willing to build it).

Andy Wolfe built one for his sons first birthday. It can

  • Dance
  • Tell Jokes
  • Serve Food
  • Detect obstacles
  • Wiggle his bowtie
  • And talk in a British accent.

For more info. go to http://makezine.com/projects/belvedere-a-butler-robot/.





This is a Hydrogen atom.

I just made a Hydrogen atom using the Paint program. It has one nucleus and one electron. I wanted to make it an animated GIF, but the computer I was using doesn’t have the program. Hydrogen is a gas. It is the first element on the Periodic Table of the elements. Hydrogen was also the first element. It’s also the simplest element. That is why I chose to draw Hydrogen, not some really complex element.

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a CGI program, or a computer generated imagery program.

Created by Maxon, this program has many features. One of many is being able to import your model into After Effects.

The photo to the left is a recreation of the movie where a rocket crashed into the moon. This film (the original one) was featured in Hugo.

Imagine the possibilities of this program! What would you create?



Codespells is a video game that teaches kids JAVA. By the first level is done, players know basic rules of JAVA.

In the game, you wake up as someone who is trying to master magic. You make “spells” with JAVA.

Try it!!