Tesla Coils

Have you ever wanted to see an arc of blue, and blazing electricity flash before your eyes, like in a mad scientists lab? If you would then this article is for you. There are a number of things that could do it, here are some:

·A Plasma Ball

·Van De Graff Generator

The (in my opinion) best, most unsafe, and one gives the most exciting experience is the tesla coil. REMEMBER, SAFETY FIRST: ONLY LET SKILLED PROFESSIONALS OPERATE THE COIL. It is very dangerous.

The tesla coil is named after Nikola Tesla. Tesla coils were used for spark gap radio. Now they are usually used for education, and entertainment. In the picture one is protecting a car. It has components such as a capacitor, transformer, primary coil, secondary coil, and some other things. Some tesla coils can even produce music. In the picture below, one is protecting a car.

tesla coil

How the tesla coil works is very complex. First power from a plug goes into a transformer, where it is amplified to many volts. Then the electricity goes to a capacitor, where it is held for a little. Then it goes to a spark gap. The spark gap feeds it into the primary coil. Each time this happens the other coil picks up some electricity, from the primary coil. A special type of capacitor is on the other coil. It shoots out the sparks.

A diagram/ picture of a tesla coil.

A diagram/ picture of a tesla coil.

Some of the components in the last paragraph you may not now, so in this paragraph I will right there definition. A transformer converts AC (alternating current), to DC (direct current). It also converts a certain voltage to another voltage. A capacitor is like a small rechargeable battery, except that it releases the electricity when it is done charging. Last a spark gap is a gap that electricity shoots through, and can be replaced with a vacuum tube.

I hope that you like my article. Remember, always be careful when around a tesla coil. There are many websites where you can find out more. These are some:




and there are many others.


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