What Hyperspace Would really Look Like

Four students, Riley Connors, Katie Dexter, Joshua Argyle, and Cameron Scoular, have calculated what hyperspace (traveling at the sped of light) would look like. If you were looking out the window of an object going at the speed of light you would see a disc of light in front of there ship, instead of a bunch of lines. The central disc of light is due to the Doppler effect. It results in the electromagnetic radiation wavelengths shortening as the object. Simply put, the regular stars light would be invisible. Only radiation (most likely left from the big bang) would be visible.


If the Millennium Falcon could travel at the speed of light, hi-tech sunglasses to block out radiation from their eyes would be needed. Also they would need something to protect the ship from the radiation. The ship would also need some more power to overcome the drag from the stars X-ray radiation.

Even if hyperspace would look like that, I don’t think that Disney will change the way it looks in Star Wars. (1) It wouldn’t be like the classic star wars movies, and that would result in less people watching. (2) It definitely looks better with all the different with all the lines.


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