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The THOR Robot

There is a humanoid robot named THOR.The THOR robot is actually real. It is created by the University of Virginia. The robot is designed to save lives.

 the thor robot

The THOR robot

The tasks are really big for a robot. One of the tasks is to actually drive a a vehicle. It also must clear rubble from a door and enter it. Once inside it must locate (using visual and auditory senses)a leaking pipe, then fix it. The last is to cut through a concrete wall using a power tool.

It will do all that at a competition for DARPA.  If they win, they will get $4,000,000 dollars. If they had robots like this when Fukushima power plant exploded, there would have been many lives saved.  Humans, with this technology, will be better prepared for disasters.


What Hyperspace Would really Look Like

Four students, Riley Connors, Katie Dexter, Joshua Argyle, and Cameron Scoular, have calculated what hyperspace (traveling at the sped of light) would look like. If you were looking out the window of an object going at the speed of light you would see a disc of light in front of there ship, instead of a bunch of lines. The central disc of light is due to the Doppler effect. It results in the electromagnetic radiation wavelengths shortening as the object. Simply put, the regular stars light would be invisible. Only radiation (most likely left from the big bang) would be visible.


If the Millennium Falcon could travel at the speed of light, hi-tech sunglasses to block out radiation from their eyes would be needed. Also they would need something to protect the ship from the radiation. The ship would also need some more power to overcome the drag from the stars X-ray radiation.

Even if hyperspace would look like that, I don’t think that Disney will change the way it looks in Star Wars. (1) It wouldn’t be like the classic star wars movies, and that would result in less people watching. (2) It definitely looks better with all the different with all the lines.


Imagine you dropped your tablet. If your lucky, it will just scare you and have no real damage done. If your unlucky, it will shatter into 30,000,000,000 pieces. Now imagine if you had a flexible tablet. That is what PaperTab is.


It uses a flexible touchscreen, cool transistor technology, OLEDs, and a lot more.

The PaperTab Tablet is truly innovative. It was made by Queen University. It has many, many features. In the next few paragraphs you will learn about them.

The navigation is a little like other tablets.  It has a touchscreen. Although, unlike other tablets, the screen is flexible, feels like a piece of paper, and is shatterproof. Also unlike other tablets you can read a document on one PaperTab, by touching it to another PaperTab that has the document you want. You can also navigate it by bending it.

The PaperTab can link two tablets to make a double screen. All you have to do to activate it is put them close together. Roel Vertagall , a teacher at Queen University, says the more screens you have together, the easier it is.  It knows when that happens, because each one has an electromagnetic tracker.

Roel Vertagall says that in a few years netbooks will just look, and feel like paper. What do you think?

University of Sydney Making Farmer Robots

In Australia it would be the perfect place to have a lot of farms, but labor costs are high. Automated (robotic) farms would be perfect, so University Of Sydney is developing them. The university has developed robots that can check the soil, check the health of the plants, and do much, much more. Next year the University will develop robots to mow, spread pesticides and fertilizer, watering, and sweeping. There ultimate goal is to create robots that can harvest.


A Lamp Come To Life

Have you ever watched a Pixar movie and saw the lamp? Have you ever wanted one? Now some graduate students have created a real one.

It uses an Arduino (popular in MAKE Magazine [a magazine devoted to building things]), 6 servos, webcam, and processing. An Arduino is an open-source microcontroller platform. A microcontroller is an electronic device you program, and depending how you program it, it sends certain signals.Here is a link to their website:

It can do a lot of things. It can track the users face.  It can play peek-a-boo. It can even turn itself on when it gets turned  off. The video in the link (the second link) shows it’s “point of view”. Unfortunately you can’t buy one (yet), but you can watch the video at

This is the lamp the students created.

This is the lamp the students created.

The Leonardo Robot

The Leonardo robot is developed by M.I.T. It looks almost like a stuffed animal, though does not resemble any real creature.  DARPA, NASA,  Neven Vision, Inc., Toyota, and many other organizations, all contributed. It has about 60 motors inside of it. The face has two cameras inside it. Leonardo is designed to be a social robot, hence it’s cute look. It can mimic motions, and speech. The Leonardo robot is a very advanced robot.