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A Hexapod And Hexacopter Hybrid?

Imagine if you had a robot that could walk around, then fly around. Mad Labs has invented one. It was made from a hexapod kit from Trossen robotics, then upgraded, so it could fly. When it is in air, it can pick up objects with its feet.

Before I go any further in this article, I wan’t to say what a few words mean. A hexapod is a robot with six legs (hence the prefix “hex”). A hexacopter is a helicopter with six rotors. The hexacopter they used for this robot was smaller than an actual helicopter. Last a Hoverfly Pro is something that can control the rotors in a hexacopter.

The  first thing they did to the original hexapod, was reducing some of it’s weight (so it could fly). That was done by replacing the ABS plastic plates with carbon fiber. It was hefty enough, so Mad Labs developed it with six rotors instead of one. That is for increased stability. It also uses 6 E-Flight 15  motors, six E-Flight 40 amp ESC, and a Hoverfly controller. It is not in stores yet, but is expected to cost US,500 dollars.