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The Leap Motion Sensor

The Leap sensor is a sensor for processing hand motions. It can be used for controlling PCs. Using different hand gestures you can play games, use Google Maps, draw, and much more. It has virtually limitless possibilities. It’s even small enough to carry with your laptop, in its bag. The company is partnering up with Asus, to build them into their laptops.

Which one is better, the Leap or the Kinect?

Microsoft has been making software to use with the Windows operating system. The Leap seems just like the Kinect, so which one is better?

Processing speed is the first thing that will be compared. The Leap can process a whopping 200 times faster than the Kinect, so the Leap wins in processing power.

The next thing is size. The Kinect can fit on top of your TV cabinet, but it can’t really fit in a case with a laptop. The Leap (as said before in this article) can fit in a case with a laptop.

The last thing is where it tracks. The Kinect can track your whole body, where the Leap can track only the hands.

The Kinect is better for gaming, and the Leap is better for computer navigation.


The Kinect

The leap

The leap

When can I get the leap?

The leap is not out yet. It is expected to come out at the end of 2013. You can pre-order it, though. It costs about USD 69. You can visit their website (where you can pre-order it) at Would you want one? Leave a comment on what you think!