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Cool tricks With The Plasma Ball

1. Put your hand on the plasma ball. Then move it. The tendrils of electricity should follow your hand. This is because you are grounded.

2. Do what is said in no.1, but stand on a chair. The electricity should not follow your hand. This is because you are not grounded.


New Car Has Interchangeable Bodies

Honda has invented a car with interchangeable bodies! It is called the Micro Commuter. It was first seen at the Tokyo Motor Show. Since then the car has improved very much. It is not for sale yet, though it is almost ready for production. The car is extremely lightweight. It is less than 400kg. It can use a tablet for the display of the car. You won’t have to worry about if your tablet runs out of battery quickly, because tablets can be charged via solar cells on the cars roof. It might as well be the car of the of the future, so if you’re buying a car in a few years you may want to look for this one.