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Deep Space Industries (DSI) Announces Asteroid Mining Plans

Deep Space Industries announced that it will be mining asteroids at The Museum Of Flight, in

A Ninig Colony (artists representation)

A mining colony (artists representation)

California. They are building machines to go into space and actually mine asteroids. They will have different phases.

The first phase is the Firefly. It would cost 20 million dollars to deliver thee of these into orbit. It can candidate asteroids. It uses very small cubesat and nanosat design.

The next spacecraft is called the dragonfly. It can capture asteroids and bring them back to Earth. Some asteroids will have research done in them Some will be bought by private collectors.      Would you buy a moon rock?

The next one is big. It’s called the Harvester  It would take a huge and very powerful rocket, such as the Falcon 9, to get it into space. It would bring back a lot (such as 9,000 per year) of asteroids. It would be limited to asteroids about 100 ft. to bring back to Earth.

DSI will also be fabricating parts in space. They will use 3D printers. They use only simple components to create complex parts. There will be gears, fasteners, and a lot more parts fabricated.

DSIs goal is truly amazing. They might be the next big fuel supplier, if they find gasoline in asteroids. If a job opened up to mine in deep space, would you want to take it?


NASA Makes “I Told You So Video” About The World Ending

It has been said the world will end on December 21st. That’s because the Mayan calendar ends that date. However NASA scientists don’t think so, so they made a video. It says that there is no chance that the world will end. There is no chance a planet could hit Earth, because we would be able to see it already.  Also no planets are in its collision course. Last, the sun has been flaring up for millions of years, and is acting normally. You can watch it at: