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Butler Robot

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could have a butler, and not pay it? Now you can (if you’re willing to build it).

Andy Wolfe built one for his sons first birthday. It can

  • Dance
  • Tell Jokes
  • Serve Food
  • Detect obstacles
  • Wiggle his bowtie
  • And talk in a British accent.

For more info. go to




Codespells is a video game that teaches kids JAVA. By the first level is done, players know basic rules of JAVA.

In the game, you wake up as someone who is trying to master magic. You make “spells” with JAVA.

Try it!!

Liddup is Litten Up with LEDs

Have you ever wanted a cooler cooler? If so, Liddup is for you.

It has lights in it that make everything glow. Not only does it make parties even awesomer, but it saves hours of countless rummaging to find something you want. Okay, maybe it would just save you five minutes.

The creators ran through 200 prototypes. But there work payed off; the cooler can allow up to 40 hours of light.

What a cooler cooler!

Internet Minute

Did you know that six Wikepedia articles are published every minute? Or did you know that people buy 83,00 USD worth of things on Amazon every minute? 694, 445 search queries happen every minute. And 50 WordPress downloads happen every minute. Wow.