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How to Copy all the HTML of a Webpage

In my last post, I showed you how to delete all the content of a webpage. Know, I will show you how to copy all the HTML of the webpage.

WARNING: The content of a webpage is usually copy written. You can’t copy all of the HTML, and upload it to a server. If you do, the original website may take legal action.

First, (like last time) you will need to open up Google Chrome (this trick might not work on other browsers). Once it loads, type in a webpage address, and wait till it comes up. Then, right-click on it. A drop-down  menu should come down, and click inspect element on it. Like last time, you should see a lot of code.  Right-click one more time, and press copy as HTML. Paste the HTML into a Notepad document, if using Windows. If using a Mac, open up TextEdit and paste it there.

If you are learning HTML, you can look at how all the code makes up a site. If you want to make any changes, save the file as a .html file, then search it on your computers finder. Even if you aren’t learning HTML this is a fun activity.


How to Delete All of The Content on a Site (Then Get It Back)

This is a  neat trick I stumbled upon while previewing my website. This trick definitely works in Google Chrome, but it might not work in other browsers. Also, this trick makes it so only your computer doesn’t see it. 

First, open up your browser and go to any site. Then right click on any word. You should see a list of options. Click on the one that says “Inspect Element”. You should see a lot of strange words. This is called HTML (hypertext markup language), and id the language every website is written in. To make the content disappear, select a line of the HTML and press delete. Keep doing this until all of the content is gone.

To get it back press ctrl+r on Windows, or press the refresh button. On Mac, press command+r, or press refresh. Another way to do it on all operating systems is to close the site the re-open it.