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This is a Hydrogen atom.

I just made a Hydrogen atom using the Paint program. It has one nucleus and one electron. I wanted to make it an animated GIF, but the computer I was using doesn’t have the program. Hydrogen is a gas. It is the first element on the Periodic Table of the elements. Hydrogen was also the first element. It’s also the simplest element. That is why I chose to draw Hydrogen, not some really complex element.


NASA Makes “I Told You So Video” About The World Ending

It has been said the world will end on December 21st. That’s because the Mayan calendar ends that date. However NASA scientists don’t think so, so they made a video. It says that there is no chance that the world will end. There is no chance a planet could hit Earth, because we would be able to see it already.  Also no planets are in its collision course. Last, the sun has been flaring up for millions of years, and is acting normally. You can watch it at:


University of Sydney Making Farmer Robots

In Australia it would be the perfect place to have a lot of farms, but labor costs are high. Automated (robotic) farms would be perfect, so University Of Sydney is developing them. The university has developed robots that can check the soil, check the health of the plants, and do much, much more. Next year the University will develop robots to mow, spread pesticides and fertilizer, watering, and sweeping. There ultimate goal is to create robots that can harvest.