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Sifteo Cubes

Sifteo cubes have been released in 2011. The are like mini cubes with screens. You upload games from the computer to them. Because they have a lot of sensors, you can do many things with them. They can connct with each other.

A Sifteo Cube

Sifteo cubes

They have:

  • Accelerometer (to sense tilt)
  • Proximity (to track other cubes)
  • Touch (for the screen)
  • And somme other sensors

They got started when David Merill and his fellow graduate from MIT were talking about how computers should be more friendly. They came up with the idea of Siftable Computers, later named Sifteo. They made prototypes, but they cost $200 dollars for each cubes. They saw no chance of producing them, until a TED conference. People loved the idea, and Sifteo got a grant. A lot of prototypes later, the final product was made.