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Imagine you dropped your tablet. If your lucky, it will just scare you and have no real damage done. If your unlucky, it will shatter into 30,000,000,000 pieces. Now imagine if you had a flexible tablet. That is what PaperTab is.


It uses a flexible touchscreen, cool transistor technology, OLEDs, and a lot more.

The PaperTab Tablet is truly innovative. It was made by Queen University. It has many, many features. In the next few paragraphs you will learn about them.

The navigation is a little like other tablets.  It has a touchscreen. Although, unlike other tablets, the screen is flexible, feels like a piece of paper, and is shatterproof. Also unlike other tablets you can read a document on one PaperTab, by touching it to another PaperTab that has the document you want. You can also navigate it by bending it.

The PaperTab can link two tablets to make a double screen. All you have to do to activate it is put them close together. Roel Vertagall , a teacher at Queen University, says the more screens you have together, the easier it is.  It knows when that happens, because each one has an electromagnetic tracker.

Roel Vertagall says that in a few years netbooks will just look, and feel like paper. What do you think?