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New UAV Navigates By Bumping Into Things

A future version of AirBurr.

A future version of AirBurr.

Have you ever seen a fly bumping into a wall to navigate around? Picture that fly made of metal, being round, and having a rotor on top, and you have the AirBurr.

The AirBurr has a carbon shell, which keeps the crashes it makes (from trying to navigate) from harming it. When it gets knocked down, it can get up with four retractable legs. Once someone pushes the legs in again, the AirBurr resumes flying.

The AirBurr has four photosensors, to help it to seek out light sources. Unlike some robots, it learns from its crashes. For example, if it crashes in one place, it won’t crash there again.

It is made by the EPFL. For more information click here.