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How to Delete All of The Content on a Site (Then Get It Back)

This is a ¬†neat trick I stumbled upon while previewing my website. This trick¬†definitely works in Google Chrome, but it might not work in other browsers. Also, this trick makes it so only your computer doesn’t see it.¬†

First, open up your browser and go to any site. Then right click on any word. You should see a list of options. Click on the one that says “Inspect Element”. You should see a lot of strange words. This is called HTML (hypertext markup language), and id the language every website is written in. To make the content disappear, select a line of the HTML and press delete. Keep doing this until all of the content is gone.

To get it back press ctrl+r on Windows, or press the refresh button. On Mac, press command+r, or press refresh. Another way to do it on all operating systems is to close the site the re-open it.